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Why is Fikaki.com environment friendly?

The Fikaki.com search engine is a Google based search engine with a black background and low brightness.  This is more energy efficient than traditional white website backgrounds. As you search the black pages of Fikaki.com for information, you are saving energy and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. In the home page you can count the amount of energy saved by this web site in watt hour.

One Watt Hour is the amount of energy needed to keep a 60W Lamp for one minute..

This counting is an estimate assuming that a white background on a CRT Monitor consumes 102 Watt per hour of use, and a black background consumes 76 Watt per hour of use. Considering the amount of time spending searching on search engines we can set a value in Watt Hour for each search.

If you use a LCD or LED Screen, the amount of energy consumption is about the same for every colour. You still should use Fikaki.com because we are going to plant a tree each time the Watts Hour counter reaches 20.000.

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