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What is the meaning of Fikaki.com project

The Fikaki.com project is one very small step to keep reminding people that preserving the planet resources is crucial to the future of mankind.

Any initiative that keep us focus on environment issues is always a good initiative.

We don't expect reaching millions of people or to became the new wave of search engines, instead, we just hope that this project will inspire other to launch other projects that can make a difference. 

Are you going to change the world?

We all are changing the world right now. For the better or worse. The steps we make in the right direction are going to make the difference sometime.

Is this really useful for the environment?

If you still use the old CRT screen, the background colour really make all the difference in power consumption, but if you now have an LCD or LED screen the colours make no difference. The question here is to know what are you willing to do to make earth a better place. We decided that for each 500.000 searches with our search engine we pay back planting a tree.

CRT screen users should use Fikaki.com search engine because it saves energy, LCD or LED screen users should use Fikaki.com because we plant trees removing carbon from the atmosphere.

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